Costs, additions, and energy efficiency of upgrading a property in Costa Blanca

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The cost of remodelling a property in Costa Blanca is frequently far cheaper than the cost of purchasing one or building one from start.

However, like with any property purchase on the Costa Blanca, it is important to have all the data in order to make an informed selection.

Eco Vida Homes has expertise developing and remodelling homes on the Costa Blanca, and we’d be delighted to serve as your advisor throughout this first step of evaluating your alternatives. Everything you need to know about remodelling a property in Costa Blanca is included in this guide.

Why repairing a home in Costa Blanca may be preferable than building a new one

Renovating a house on the Costa Blanca may be an extremely tempting prospect, especially given the decreasing availability of new build sites.

The availability of excellent quality land for sale on the Costa Blanca is largely dependent on the long-term development intentions of a community. This has resulted in a reduction of available land but also increased costs in highly coveted regions.

However, a 1960s or 1970s Spanish villa in need of refurbishment – or perhaps demolition to make way for something new on the land it inhabited – may be a lot more straightforward and cost-effective route to your ideal house. The owners may believe the value is low owing to the property’s condition, whereas in fact the land alone may be worth more than the villa’s purchase price.

In rural areas, for example, restoring a property is the only feasible method to live in a contemporary, energy-efficient home, as new construction is generally prohibited on rustica land (more on this later).

It is significantly easier to create an energy-efficient home from the ground up than it is to remodel. However, remodelling will help you reduce your carbon footprint even more, as new construction has a detrimental influence on the environment.

How much does it cost to renovate a property in Costa Blanca?

When comparing the financial benefits of restoring a Costa Blanca home vs building one from the ground up, it’s critical to evaluate all expenditures, not just the property price.

The cost of renovating a property in Costa Blanca is more difficult to predict than the cost of a new construction, because you have no idea what you’re up against until you begin.

You may anticipate paying at least 100% of the purchase price for a reasonable project based on a livable structure. Of fact, for larger projects, the remodelling cost might potentially exceed 1,000,000€.

Often, the most accurate estimate of the renovation’s cost may be obtained only after construction has begun and a full examination of the old building’s structural integrity and foundations has been conducted.

Whatever your budget, you should always allow for unanticipated structural or foundational difficulties that surface after construction begins.

When obtaining quotations to determine the cost of remodelling a property in Costa Blanca, it is important to include in site preparation, foundations, related expenses, finishes, installation, landscaping, garden, and pool, as well as taxes. Occasionally, these amounts are omitted from “back-of-the-fag-packet” estimations, resulting in an unpleasant surprise later on.

Always inquire if you are receiving a fixed-price quotation for a clearly defined task or an estimate based on currently available facts (which can go up dramatically when the true scope of the project becomes clear). Any renovation job should be accompanied by an estimate and a contract.

Each remodelling project is distinct. If you’d like to see a breakdown of the expenditures associated with a recent Spanish house renovation, contact us for some real-world figures. Eco Vida Homes can also arrange for viewings of suitable refurbishment homes in Costa Blanca on your behalf, allowing us to make early estimates and discuss ideas.

How much should you pay for a Costa Blanca renovation?

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Calculating how much you can afford to spend for a Costa Blanca refurbishment home is straightforward (though not often easy):

Finished project value – total remodelling expenses (including professional fees) – something to compensate you for your time = work equals residual value (what you should pay for the property)

Assessing a project’s financial feasibility in Costa Blanca needs a series of analyses prior to purchase. Calculating the precise amount you should pay for a house renovation is only achievable if you have a thoroughly studied and costed specification; otherwise, you’re left with estimations.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider safeguarding the value of your investment. According to Eco Vida Homes’ market study conducted among international purchasers in Costa Blanca, individuals are willing to spend between 20% and 30% extra for an energy-efficient building.

Fortunately, an energy-efficient remodel does not have to be more expensive and may significantly increase the value of your home.

How much of the current building are you permitted to retain?

The quantity of space you may utilise in an existing structure is determined in large part by local government rules (and its attitude, in many cases).

The quantity of existing structure you utilise will depend on the amount of space you require, the cost, and the attitude of the authorities.

There may be aesthetic or historic reasons to maintain some components of a structure, therefore it’s critical to verify these factors before making any major judgments.

You will want expert advice on what can be done from a Costa Blanca architect who should inspect the property with his head builder.

However, they will not truly understand the problem until they break into the foundations and structure to discover what is there – which may not be possible prior to the acquisition. Naturally, this is one of the more risky aspects of acquiring a property to restore rather than building or purchasing a home.

Are you going to do it yourself, hire a handyman, or employ a professional builder?

The scope of work required to renovate a property in Costa Blanca might range from cleaning and repainting to re-cladding the interior and exterior – or even installing a new load-bearing frame within an existing historic structure to accommodate contemporary functioning.

Wherever you choose to refurbish in Costa Blanca, you can discover a plethora of unemployed local handymen willing to labour for pennies. However, use caution! To remodel a property effectively, certain professional standards must be adhered to, which a neighbourhood handyman may be unconcerned about.

By adhering to simply the very minimal criteria, you risk experiencing cold winters, scorching summers, and even increasing damp.

Renovations on the Costa Blanca should be a pleasurable experience, which is why it’s preferable to work with specialists that speak your language, have a track record, and can help you through Spanish legislation.

Renovating the house’s exterior

A country estate should blend perfectly with its surroundings. While modern architecture is popular, it is primarily used in urban areas, therefore while restoring a rural property in Costa Blanca, it is advisable to consider “traditional.”

If you prefer modern architecture, you may obtain a contemporary vibe while remaining loyal to the building’s heritage. Indeed, if executed with sufficient thought and care, these structures may be immensely elegant. You may be drawn to an older structure that retains or enhances its character and charm.

Expats generally come to Costa Blanca to take advantage of the excellent weather, which means that outside space is equally as vital as the inside. Indeed, we propose that you plan your house for both inside and outdoor life. Protect your building from overheating by incorporating wide covered terraces and creating pleasant areas for barbecuing and dining outside.

Extensions to buildings on the Costa Blanca

If the building is on an urbano plot (development land), the local authorities will have specific requirements about the number of square metres that can be built as a percentage of the overall plot area, as well as closeness to borders.

In summary, if the present structure is less than the total area permitted for construction, it can probably be extended.

Certain issues, such as whether the basement counts and how deep it must be dug, are up to interpretation by the local planning officer (arquitecto municipal).

Houses built on rstica land (which is normally not buildable) are nearly probably not extendable. Check the permissible square metres within the entire plot area, since you may discover that a former owner unlawfully enlarged the property.

In Costa Blanca, breaking building regulations involves severe penalties, with fines ranging from 30,000€ to 600,000€. Therefore, if you’re serious about restoring a home in Costa Blanca, hire an architect to contact the town hall prior to making a purchase.

Renovation of a Costa Blanca property: How energy efficiency adds value

According to the EU Directive of 2019, all new buildings must be carbon neutral. Even before 2019, it is extremely possible that buildings that comply with the new code will have a better value than those that do not.

A more energy-efficient structure will be more valuable than an inefficient building, so if you want to preserve the value of your house, you should carefully consider remodelling with an eye toward energy efficiency.

As of June 2013, a notary cannot register a property transfer by sale or lease without a CEE (Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica). This energy certificate will result in the property being banded on a bar chart. The goal is for purchasers to place a greater value on a better-banded property due to the corresponding energy savings.

Additionally, there is discussion of lowering the IBI (local taxes) for homes in the higher categories. As a result, buildings with a high rating for energy efficiency will pay reduced taxes and have lower operating expenses, improving their market value.

However, the true beauty of an energy-efficient home is how pleasant it is: warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and all without consuming any energy (or fossil fuels). Proper insulation is critical to this and will protect you from both heat and cold. Additionally, it will act as a sound barrier, assisting you in maintaining a calm and serene state of mind.

Bear in mind that distant country houses may not have access to mains power, water, or sewerage and may not be feasible to do so, necessitating the use of an off-grid solution. While it is possible to have all modern conveniences in a property that is not linked to the mains, this has significant consequences for the cost and design of the remodelling.

It takes some consideration and preparation, but houses refurbished with energy efficiency in mind are more pleasant to live in since they must be well-designed and well-insulated, as well as less expensive to operate and more environmentally friendly.

If you wish to live fully off the grid, you must include the following in your renovation:

There is a great deal more to remodelling a property in Costa Blanca than we can reasonably include in this article, but hopefully this offers you a good overview and allows you to make better educated decisions.

Redesigning a lovely ancient building in beautiful surroundings to fit your lifestyle is a fantastic approach to combine traditional architecture with modern living on the Costa Blanca.

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