Extensions: shutting in a balcony or terrace in Orihuela Costa

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Property dimensions

If you own a property in Orihuela Costa you will own a Purchase Title Deed. On this document you will discover a description of the property that comprises the square metres of constructions and of useable floor space.

When it comes to balconies and patios this is slightly different with just 50 percent of the square metres being tallied since these are deemed to be non-habitable zones. These measurements are the ones that are then entered in the Spanish Registration System as being the lawful size of the property.

If you opt to enclose a balcony or patio space in Orihuela Costa then you are modifying the size of your house. The 50 percent permit for these spaces becomes 100 percent if it is enclosed.

Enclosing a balcony or patio

If you would want to move forward then you must confirm that the town hall is in agreement with making these modifications in the first place. You accomplish this by applying for a licence from the Town Hall Planning Department by producing a design or project description and a builder’s estimate. This information will be used to calculate tax.

You will also require authorization from the Community of Property Owners. They will need to grant formal authorization and will be particularly concerned about any changes to the look of the structure that the renovations could cause.

After the job is done

Once the modification is complete, the additional metres must be registered with the Spanish Land Registry. To do so, you’ll need an architect’s certificate certifying that the work was completed according to the original specification provided to the town hall.

The licence and other pertinent documents must then be presented to the Notary, who will draught a new Deed reflecting the new property’s description and specification. The revised Deed is then forwarded to the Land Registry for modification of the current data.

When designing your expansion, you must factor in the added expense. Expenses include the following:

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