Swimming Pools and Artifical Grass Costa Blanca South

Summer is rapidly approaching, and we must begin preparing for the preparation of our gardens equipped with swimming pools. If you’ve already decided that you want to have the ideal summer, we’re sure you’re interested in learning about the benefits of fake grass for swimming pools. They are numerous and varied in kind.


Making the most of our pool does not just mean cleaning it, painting it, or reassembling it for another year; it also means enjoying it to the fullest and having a safe surrounding environment. As a result, and particularly if you have children, we welcome you to learn the factors that tilt the scale in favour of synthetic grass for swimming pools; let’s do it!

The following are five reasons to put artificial grass around swimming pools.

Some individuals and organisations are already aware of these benefits, which is why we placed VCT Builders artificial grass at the Entrevas pools and numerous other recreational and sporting areas around the Costa Blanca South. You are now just five reasons away from wanting to install it as well, as you will soon discover!

Minimal upkeep

Having a garden with a pool is cause for celebration, not daily stress. Mowing the grass becomes boring and we put it off, either due to the heat or the arrival of company. Finally, you’re forced to cut it in a hurry and with little drive.

With fake grass for swimming pools, you can avoid this duty; the versions we offer at VCT Builders require minimal care while still appearing brand new. Simply brushing and cleaning it on a regular basis will ensure that your grass is always ready to enjoy!

You won’t need a lawnmower; you can maintain it comfy at any time of day with a hose and a brush, which will cost far less than cutting it. Additionally, you will save money on a lawnmower and any necessary maintenance.

Decreased insect population

This is a critical component that is frequently overlooked. Artificial grass for swimming pools significantly reduces the presence of insects, which is critical not only for comfort, but also for safety.

Ticks and other insects and parasites are more prevalent in warmer weather, and it is not uncommon to find them in pools with natural grass. A bite from one of these creatures can be exceedingly dangerous to certain individuals, particularly children.

To eliminate their appearance as much as possible, installing fake grass for swimming pools is an excellent choice, which might be critical for youngsters.

There is no need for chemical goods.

Another critical advantage of artificial grass for swimming pools is that it does not require herbicides, pesticides, or fertilisers, which is critical for safety reasons. When these compounds come into touch with the skin, they might cause bad responses, and, of course, we spend a lot of time lying on the grass when we have a swimming pool.

synthetic grass pool areas

Artificial grass for swimming pools eliminates the need for chemical agents that might be harmful to users, the most vulnerable of whom are youngsters. Additionally, by avoiding their use, you will demonstrate greater environmental stewardship.

Increased comfort

Now, when you lie down, you will not only enjoy a lovely, even, and smooth surface, but also the satisfaction of not having to worry about chemical ingredients. VCT Builders has designed a variety of artificial grass variants that are ideal for swimming pools. How did we get it?

We are always working to develop new models of greater quality or to improve the ones we already have. This manner, you can always discover a range that meets your requirements. To do this, you must consider the frequency with which your pool will be used, as well as the degree of smoothness, height, stitch density per square metre, and colour you desire in your grass.

When the fake grass for swimming pools is of sufficient quality, it will regain its shape after we leave it. That is, the fibres beneath where we were sleeping will naturally come to the surface. It will always be there for your enjoyment!

Provides increased resistance

Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass for swimming pools is really more resistant to wear and tear than genuine grass in every manner. On the one hand, weather fluctuations have no effect on artificial grass, but real grass is likely to incur harm during periods of extreme heat or cold, either by freezing or drying out.

On the other hand, the presence of chlorine in pool water, which we subsequently transfer to the lawn, can wreak havoc on real grass, but not on artificial grass.

It is critical to remember that you must monitor chlorine levels, since exceeding the appropriate quantity is not only detrimental to lawn upkeep, but may also be damaging to your health.

Additionally, artificial grass for swimming pools drains far better than natural grass, which can become saturated. This, in addition to being detrimental to natural grass, may be dangerous due to the ground being slick.

Do you wish to maximise the benefits of synthetic grass for swimming pools? Then put your confidence in the best and experience a summer of luxury with VCT Builders’ artificial grass. Are you unsure which one to choose? Consult us and we will propose the one that is most appropriate for your requirements; then, enjoy your summer as you deserve!

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