You spend at least a third of your life sleeping, so shouldn’t your master bedroom receive some attention to design? There is so much more that a bedroom can be than just a place to sleep.
Large master suites can include all the necessities for a quick weekend escape. Those who want their master bedroom to radiate comfort and display a personal touch can choose from a variety of design elements.



Extra-large glass panes

If you selected the location for your custom house based on the views, make sure to take full advantage of them. Join the trend of integrating the outside world with your inside area. Ensure that your master bedroom has huge windows that allow you to appreciate Mother Nature and all the health benefits she offers.

Hanging Bedside Lighting

Instead of standard lights, try installing bedside lighting directly into the wall or ceiling surrounding your bed. It also frees up space on your night stand while adding a sleek and practical touch to your master bedroom! Install a dimmer and a remote so that you may regulate the exact amount of illumination around the bed for reading or mood-setting.

The Bed

Super-Slim Bed with Uncomplicated Bedding

Who would want to use a step stool to get into and out of bed? The days of cumbersome, tall beds are long gone. Many of our homeowners are updating their master bedroom with low-profile items and simple bedding. Getting a good night’s sleep has never been easier.

Statement Bed

If you’re feeling bold, try replacing your master bedroom’s conventional bed with one that makes a bold statement. Remember that the master bedroom is your safe zone to experiment with whatever design elements and furnishings bring you delight – the location where YOU establish the rules.

Antique Mirror Headboard

Find a gorgeous antique mirrored headboard to lend an old-world, romantic touch to the master bedroom. A subdued mirrored headboard provides a glimmering touch to any bed. You may also attach it as a decorative element. This space is yours to utilise as you see fit.

Hidden Features

Hidden Makeup Vanity

Consider adding a little writing corner or cosmetics vanity to the comfort of your master bedroom.

A Ceiling Pocket for Curtains

With careful preparation, you may conceal the drapery hardware and window shade storage box. A tidy and visually pleasing accent in the ceiling of the master bedroom may be created by framing a pocket for hanging draperies.

Both artistic and inviting

Give Bar & Mini-Fridge

Many of our homeowners begin their day with a cup of coffee shortly after arising from bed. Having a breakfast bar and mini-refrigerator in their master bedroom enables them to start and end their days with all they require.

Eclectic Art Pieces
The master bedroom is a sanctuary where you may express your artistic sensibility in a way that reflects your true self. Experiment with art pieces that are thought-provoking and elicit the feelings you most like to feel in your master bedroom.

Reclaimed Antique Beams

Consider placing ornamental salvaged antique beams on the ceiling of your master bedroom if you want to add rustic, old-world warmth. This touch of rural living is the most comfortable and hospitable thing imaginable.

Have an Amazing Evening

The master bedroom is one of the most private spaces in your custom-built residence. It should represent your individuality and create a relaxing environment for unwinding and decompressing. Create a room where you enjoy spending time unwinding at the end of the day and a nice space to wake up in the morning.

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