Reforms To The Property And Garden Sector Costa Orihuela


We have over 17 years of experience designing unique building solutions for our Orihuela Costa clientele. A comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ wants and objectives, along with industry best practises, results in a beautiful, gratifying, and improving house that will provide years of enjoyment.

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Understandably, the majority of people’s first priority when acquiring a new house is the interior living area, which includes remodelling the kitchen and bathrooms and updating the overall look through the use of new floor tiles and decor. Other factors to examine include the condition of the electrics and if they should be upgraded to three-phase from single-phase to meet the increased demands placed on the home’s power system by modern living. The needs of Air Conditioning and Kitchen Appliances frequently necessitate the upgrade of the single-phase metre and fuses to satisfy these requirements.

When windows that are too tiny and do not let in enough light, that are not double or triple glazed, and that do not allow for the appreciation of frequently stunning views are replaced, the entire appearance of the home can be transformed.

Opening up the house by knocking down inner walls to create a more contemporary and spacious living room may have a dramatic effect, especially in a classic Spanish Finca.

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While changing the interior and garden lighting may create a contemporary and soothing ambience, it is sometimes an afterthought, resulting in a poorly thought-out and poorly constructed item.

While the swimming pool and outdoor living space frequently take a back seat to the villa’s interior, this might be a mistake. Many people who move to Spain from Northern Europe are unaware of how much of life is spent outside. The exterior living area and how it appears and functions will have a significant impact on your overall quality of life and wellness, complementing the lifestyle you envisioned when you originally contemplated moving to the Orihuela Costa.

We provide a varied range of designs to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re searching for a classic Spanish Finca, a modern townhouse, or a beautiful Mediterranean villa, you’ll discover an extensive variety of each design.

If you haven’t settled on a style yet, we may utilise our large collection of past constructions and renovations to determine which design most closely matches your vision for your future house.

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