The Value of a Separate Building Site
Villa Martin provides complimentary lot evaluations. I believe this is the most crucial thing we do for our company. It’s probably more important to our customers than they realize, and it allows us to showcase who we are.
In the next post, I explain why it is so important for the buyer of the plot. Additionally, we gain from providing this service.
We have the chance to show who we are. It is not just a matter of planning and constructing a villa. There are several competent architects accessible that are able to accomplish so. It depends on how we design and construct the villa. It’s about individual style and care for our work. Offering a free plot evaluation is a means for us to start a connection with our customers, which involves being on their side and pointing out the drawbacks and advantages of a plan.

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Purchasing the Land – The Point of Peril

When purchasing land in Spain, any flaws are included in the purchase price. It is not an exaggeration to state that vendors will go to tremendous measures to hide flaws, and they will not disclose those that they are aware of. In Spain, the vendor is not required to reveal any information. Sometimes it seems to be passed the parcel. The unfortunate merchant is attempting to sell a faulty plot to the next ignorant foreigner in the hopes that, like the present owner, the newcomer would not discover the defects.
I’m afraid we’ve encountered at least one instance in which a property was for sale but constructing on it was almost impossible. A few years ago, there was one with a mains sewage line under it that did not appear on any plans or legal papers and that first interactions with the local government failed to disclose. In actuality, we were only told after examining the local government’s paperwork and contacting a topographer who had worked on the property years before but had not been paid. Therefore, he informed us about the pipe and requested that we not reveal how we learned about it.
This is an extreme case, but the point is to use utmost caution.
Another recent instance had a “suburban” site surrounded by upscale residences in a spotless region. Everything seemed to be in order, including the papers, and the price was acceptable. Despite the fact that the property was approved for construction in the 2010 Marbella plan, study indicated that it was beyond the zone designated for development in the 1986 Marbella plan. The 1986 Marbella plan is applicable, since the 2010 plan has been revoked. Possibly, after a new design is approved (consider years! ), the site will be buildable.
I am certain that a competent attorney would have uncovered this and stopped an uninformed buyer from purchasing the property. The argument is that the seller and the seller’s agent must have known about the issue, but none of them mentioned it. At best, they were wasting everyone’s time, and at worst, they were hoping that someone would purchase the plan without discovering the truth, which I consider immoral.

Can you construct anything you like on that lot?

When we visit a property with you, we will consider access, neighbours, what the neighbours may do in the future, terrain, orientation, and vistas, among many other factors.
We review the layout, orientation, and views with you, as well as potential breakfast and sunset viewing spots.
In addition, Villa Martin examine the restrictions applicable to this layout. This is public information that you or your attorney may verify, but it must be correct and understood in the context of everything else, including the physical attributes of the property and what you want to do on it.
Unfortunately, real estate brokers are too busy to find out. In all fairness, it is not their job and they are unqualified to do the task.
Lawyers are beneficial, but like the Olympic flame, they never go out. They do nothing except sit at their workstation and stare at documents.
I’m afraid that nothing can replace the counsel of an expert architect who understands your needs and who meets with you on the site to examine the rules (maximum volume, height, footprint, and distance from borders) in place. We will provide you with an honest evaluation on the plot. Before you reach the point of no return with your story, this guidance is important.

Is it within your price range?

If it seems that you may be interested in purchasing a plot, we will create a spreadsheet that details all the expenses, including construction costs, taxes, and professional fees. These estimates are inherently wide, but they are the best we can offer in the absence of a design and specification. You have a list of all the goods, so there are no unpleasant surprises in the future, despite the fact that some estimations may be made at this point. In addition, you may ask us questions to determine where the uncertainties are and what impact they may have on the total price. If you choose, Villa Martin may assist you in negotiating the best price for the item. This article may be helpful.

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