As Costa Blanca adjusts to a new normal after the epidemic, it has gained perspective and knowledge about our homes. Homeowners in Costa Blanca have a deeper understanding of the living conditions they want. This intentionality, uniqueness, and ingenuity is the unifying factor among the 2023 trends we’re seeing. All of these trends promote self-reflection and celebrate individuality, from blending rich, saturated hues with unique patterns and textures to embracing peaceful, contemplative environments and organic shapes and materials.

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Both green and brown

After years of declining popularity, BROWN has returned! From dark chocolate to camel to caramel, bespoke houses are increasingly using brown colours. Moreover, the growing popularity of GREEN that we have seen in the second part of last year has become an obsession. Many of the houses we’re now constructing or have just finished include deep, rich shades of green. Is it really a coincidence that, after a few years of pandemic existence, we’re enjoying two of nature’s most exquisite colour creations?

Natural Elements

It seems that the trend of bringing surfaces and things inspired by nature into our homes will continue, at least for the foreseeable future. Each area must have enough natural light and ventilation, and the use of organic materials such as wood, stone, and hand-built masonry remains popular. Fabric, upholstery, and the wallpaper will continue to feature botanical, animal, and floral-inspired motifs for the remainder of 2018. This approach, known as a biophilic design in the fields of architecture and interior design, is all about establishing a visual connection with nature and reaping the good health and environmental advantages that result.

Kitchens and bathrooms with poor lighting.

Many of our homeowners have been taken aback by a growing trend. Among interior design experts, dark and melancholy kitchens and baths are all the rage, and this style has been welcomed by certain customers and met with suspicion by others. We’ve loved seeing a number of our homeowners take chances with their kitchens and bathrooms in recent months. They anticipate the ambiance and drama that these areas in their homes will evoke, and so do we!

Vivid Shades and Patterns

In contrast to the “dark and sombre kitchen” style discussed above, this next trend seems to be embraced by almost EVERYONE. Homeowners and interior designers are ready to carefully integrate vibrant colours and patterns throughout their houses. For homeowners who aren’t ready to leap headfirst into a dark kitchen, embracing vivid colour and pattern appears to be the ideal degree of design risk. Each person is urged to identify the deep, rich hues that appeal to them most and to combine them with unexpected patterns and accent pieces to create a style that is truly and totally THEM.

Combining Designs and Textures

The trend of combining numerous patterns, textures, and materials in a single space is all about layering with purpose. Any degree of mixing adds dimension and visual interest to a room; some homeowners like a subtle, carefully edited combination of patterns and textures, while others embrace the creativity and pleasure that comes with a “the more the merrier” approach.

Curved Furniture Pieces

Recent years have seen an increase in sculptural forms and organic lines, and 2022 will be no exception. Wall treatments, tile design, and furniture pieces are experimenting with sloping lines, curved silhouettes, and asymmetrical designs, which is quite consistent with the inventiveness and originality showed by all of the aforementioned trends.

Mindful Spaces

Each of us has acknowledged the importance of having a designated space in our homes where we may regularly reflect and refresh. Our homeowners are becoming more deliberate about including such a place in their houses. We have included prayer rooms, spa-like restrooms, “Zen chambers” for meditation, steam showers, and personal saunas, among other amenities. While the hard finishes and décor vary from room to space based on aesthetic preferences, the objective is always the same… Create an atmosphere that encourages a more present and aware attitude to daily living.

As you imagine what your house may look like in the next year, you may choose to integrate some of the following trends… or you may not! That is the heart of every design trend this year… YOU have the ability to build the house YOU desire and adore. Best wishes with your curating!

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