Villa Martin assisted in a Few things in life that are more satisfying than making one’s house really one’s own. This post is for everyone who has fantasized about house improvement and has a laundry list of ideas and wants. To advance in your home renovation journey, you must limit your wish list to a list of must-haves and action items.

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Step 1: Create a Budget

Villa Martin Establishing a clear budget for your home renovation project is the first step. Note that we specified a budget RANGE. You should start with a budget that is LESS than what you can eventually afford to spend on your renovation. You should put aside a fraction of your entire budget as a contingency fund, owing to the inevitability of discovering unforeseen circumstances and challenges once you begin demolishing walls. Your custom home builder will determine the extent of the remodelling based on the lower end of your budget. This will make the whole process smoother and less stressful for you, knowing that you have a small cushion in case anything unexpected arises, or you wish to spend on an exceptional final selection.

Step 2: Begin with the Essentials

Examine your whole wish list and divide the things into three categories: Repairs Needed, Must-Haves, and Like-To-Haves.
The section under “Repairs Required” will include maintenance tasks that you may have neglected over the years. You may have a leaking window, an outdated roof, or faults in your HVAC system; add them to your list of repairs needed. There is a possibility that more repairs are required that you are unaware of. Your reputable builder and their stable of skilled subcontractors should be able to assist you in determining what, if anything, needs to be done to bring your house up to code or make it a healthier environment for you and your family.
The section under “Must-Have” will include products that sparked this remodelling in the first place. For instance, maybe your children have lavished your house with affection, leaving the bathrooms in need of much TLC. Perhaps your family has evolved over the last several years, and your kitchen or living room no longer meets your requirements. As your family grows, you may discover that you need extra dedicated or built-in storage. Fill out your Must-Have list with the goods you deem essential for your home remodelling adventure to be “worth it” to you.
The Like-To-Have section will consist of things that “certainly would be good to have” but will be the first to go if your budget cannot meet your desired remodelling scope. This list may vary dependent on the tastes of each person, but it is customary to include some of the more refined finishes that may or may not make the final cut. This list includes items such as replacing manual window coverings with motorised shades, replacing existing windows with steel windows, completely rebuilding a fireplace mantle and surround rather than refinishing the existing one, and replacing all kitchen appliances rather than just the ones that require replacement.

Focus on the rooms you use the most.

This is essential for making your money count. Concentrate on your kitchen and breakfast area, living room, master bedroom, and any other location you use DAILY. If you have adolescent children who will be leaving the nest in a couple of years, you may want to refrain from providing their rooms the “best” renovations. Especially when children are no longer young, supplementary bedrooms and baths, dining rooms, and bonus/game rooms tend to rank lower on the priority list. Occasionally, renovating the outside of the house (beyond repairs) ranks lower on the priority list, since most individuals get more daily value from upgrading interior rooms.

Early consultation with a custom VCT builder is the fourth step.

After refining your lists, the best next step is to conduct interviews and choose a reputable custom builder. They will assist in developing a preliminary estimate based on current material and labour costs, allowing you to discuss hundreds of choices and improve your list together. Your custom builder will also refer you to an architect and interior designer who they believe would be a good match for your demands, aesthetic, and budget. Throughout the planning and pre-construction stages, your custom builder should adjust their preliminary estimate with each new choice and option, so that when you’re ready to begin building, your budget is complete and correct.
For additional information on how to interview applicants for the position of custom builder, please check our previous blog article.
As you refine your wish list and go to the next phase of your home renovation, the most important thing to keep in mind is to assemble a team of partners that have your best interests and objectives at heart. A reliable, communicative, and skilled bespoke builder, architect, and interior designer may make all of the difference.

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