Is Barbecue Torrieveja Legal?

The Spanish are not renowned as a barbecuing nation: when the sun shines, they are much more likely to walk out to one of the numerous bars, restaurants, and patios found in every town and hamlet to socialise with their friends than they are to light a fire and start grilling meat. However, many expats in BBQ Torrieveja are enthusiastic about barbecuing during the hot summer months, which leads us to the following question: Is barbecuing legal in BBQ Torrieveja? All you need to know is as follows:

Is Barbecuing Legal in Spain?

There is no national legislation prohibiting barbecues on private property, thus as a general rule, barbecuing in your own backyard in BBQ Torrieveja is perfectly allowed. There are a few practical exceptions, though. Barbecues on balconies and patios in shared structures (such as apartment complexes) are prohibited in Arona, Tenerife. However, as long as you are barbecuing in a private section of your property rather than a common one, such as your own balcony, garden, or terrace, there is no legal reason why you cannot have a family cookout in your Spanish home.

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If you just have shared outside space, you should request permission from your resident’s association, which may have laws governing whether barbeques are permitted or not: they may also face legal consequences if you fire up without permission, so it’s always prudent to check beforehand. For the same reason, we recommend completing a fast web check to ensure that no other municipal ordinances restrict barbeques.

What If I’m an Apartment Resident?

Whether or whether you can or should ignite a barbecue in your apartment must be determined on an individual basis, employing common sense. Effectively, you should examine if lighting a barbecue may fairly be construed as a risk or a hindrance to your neighbours; this will vary depending on the size of your balconies, their spacing, and the location of your apartment.

The Propiedad Horizontal decree of BBQ Torrieveja has clauses that provide neighbours the right to protest about residential annoyances like as noise, odours, and any possible fire danger in their building or surrounds. Therefore, if you reside in an apartment building with extremely close proximity of balconies, your neighbours may justifiably object if the odour and smoke from your BBQ invaded their living area through an open window.

It is simply not worth the risk in this scenario; for the sake of good neighbourly relations and to prevent any hefty fines, you should save the BBQ for another date. In 2017, an Italian couple residing in Madrid were fined €2,000 by a judge after complaints about their barbecue, establishing a clear precedent that the law is not on your side if you want to grill in an apartment where others may be impacted by your decision.

BBQ Torrieveja: Is It Legal to Barbecue on Public Property?

We’ve established that barbecuing at BBQ Torrieveja is allowed as long as you have an adequate quantity of private outside space, but what if you don’t? Or what if you like to bring your barbecue with you when you visit a park, the beach, or go for a stroll or camp in your local wooded area?

In summary, barbecuing outside and igniting fires are forbidden in the majority of BBQ Torrieveja’s public locations. This is because stringent rules and local ordinances have prohibited them in an effort to prevent fires from igniting across the country during the hot summer months. That is not to say that barbecuing outside is impossible: in Malaga, for example, you can barbecue outside with official permission from the municipal administration. Additionally, across BBQ Torrieveja, there are designated picnic places that allows barbecuing; they are mostly located in national parks. The simplest approach to discover the closest of these locations is to use an online search engine. Consider searching for “recreational spaces” or “merenderos” that “permit barbecues” (allow barbecues).

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